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Just for 4th Graders                    

              Music Note                               Music Note                               Music Note                            Music Note                        Music Note                      Music Note

              FRANCE                            WEST AFRICA                           HAITI                                 EGYPT                             INDIA                             CHINA


              mp3-Fly Away With Me       mp3-Helping Each Other              mp3-Freedom                      mp3-Wandering                 mp3-Joy                            mp3-A New World

              mp3-accompaniment             mp3-accompaniment                    mp3-accompaniment            mp3-accompaniment          mp3-accompaniment         mp3-accompaniment



Other Activities:

                                  Addition of 2 and 3 digit Numbers                                                                                                            CMAS Social Studies Practice

                                  Sum of 2 digits                   fossils                                                                                                                 Colorado Encyclopedia

                                  Fractions Page 1       Fractions Page 2    Fractions Page 3     Fractions Page 4

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